Premium access was created for you Technician who needs 100% good files
, needs schematic files that are complete and are of the equipment that

is on your bench quickly and safely ....

We offer years of services on the bench with 100% functional files and partnerships created to provide schemas for Desktop, Notebook Mobile ... All for agility

and security, thus providing a higher rate of repairs and achieving greater profitability ...

NOTTEC POSTING HAS PHOTOS so that the technician can see and see that the correct file is 100% of his board, there are no doubts, we also offer PHOTOS in high resolution of many boards so that you can verify, certify, identify components, and see if there is any component missing ... Practicality speed and safety all geared towards technicians .... Nottec

Nottec has 3 Subscriptions so do you can choose

30 Days = US$ 20,00

60 Days = US$ 50,00

6 Months = US$ 80,00



How to proceed

Access the Link at the end and make the payment there this option (Pay Pal Security), when making payment you will receive a link to activate the account and or

send an email with your name and date payment that will be made your entry into the Group Premium Access

Change the language to English

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In the upper right bar go to Settings

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Down the left under Subscriptions

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Scroll your best signature between options A - B - C - D

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After joining the Premium Access send email with your Assistance and payment data to release Site Access and download tips and repairs

Email :

Skype: nottecreparos

Skype technical group

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